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Outcomes Management

Outcomes management, measurement and reporting

Outcome measurement and outcomes management provide a focus on what is important and drive change to achieve it. Realisor is project outcomes management software that helps you to define measurable outcomes and manage programs to achieve them.

Realisor includes outcomes reporting and has features to help you analyse and increase the level and speed at which outcomes are achieved.


· Visualises to help engage with others and communicate outcomes clearly
· Pulls together and aligns the many different elements needed to achieve outcomes
· Provides powerful analytics to provide insight into and communicate outcomes
· Supports assurance and management decisions throughout any project, program, portfolio and business relationship to drive outcome achievement
· Optimises the chances of successfully achieving outcomes

Realisor provides more than the basis for initial approval, it is designed to be actively maintained during delivery and operations with new information on outcomes, benefits, costs and risks.

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